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3.11.6 Safety in the familiy

3.11.6 Safety in the family

Usually, family is an environment of peace and safety for people, but sometimes this appearance of normality, along with the inherent privacy of the institution, may hide a very different reality. The country, in its desire to provide citizen security, extends its protection into family relationships; environment in which most people find satisfaction and happiness; although sometimes it entails disputes and real dangers. The couple

Threats, duress, physical and psychological abuse within the family environment are criminal behaviors which are not avoided by being at home or in privacy. Women, minors and elderly have more possibilities of being attacked by a family member than by a stranger. 
Education and prevention must be the main measures in the fight against abuse. Protection of victims of violence in the domestic environment requires coordinated actions of several institutions which provide the necessary assistance in these cases. 
All citizens have something to offer in the eradication of a social scourge which results in the loss of human lives and has huge consequences for victims. It is necessary to continue to raise this social climate of complaints, detection and intolerance of these facts.
In the area of gender-based violence it is important that women know what resources they have at their disposal:

    • Police specialized in investigation of facts and protection of victims
    • Legal aid and psychological assistance
    • Emergency and recovering centers
    • Specific Judges and Public Prosecutors for these proceedings
    • Employment rights and economic aids Daughters and sons

Sometimes family conflicts may have their origin in the sons / daughters themselves; emotional problems, improper conducts, relationship difficulties, even violence with other kids or adults. Take into account that a good communication is based on the mutual respect, even when there are conflicts or differences. In your case, consult with professionals who help and guide you to lay down patterns to overcome your difficulties. 
If we allow problems in the couple to affect our daughters or sons, they can suffer severe damages on their development and education as people. We must solve our problems in the manner they suffer the least.

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