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3.11.3 Safety of belongigns The vehicle


Theft of the vehicle.

  • An opened car is an invitation to steal it. You must close it even during quick stops.
  • Use dissuasive security features: sticks, electronic keys, alarms, windows recording…
  • To be informed of new car security systems, such as GPS Search.
  • Do not regularly leave the car documentation inside the vehicle.

Theft of items from the inside of the vehicle.

  • Do not leave items visible, not even bags which could lead them to believe there are valuable items inside.
  • Drive with the door locked and close the windows you cannot control visually, especially when driving in urban areas.
  • When driving, do not leave the purse or wallet in the seats or at sight, because they can be stolen by breaking a window during stops at traffic lights or at pedestrian crossings.
  • You must be cautious with the warnings of people making you get off the car pretending the car is on fire or there is smoke, or has a flat tire … in the same way, if you have a small collision with another car, it may be a trap for stealing or theft.

Theft of car plates.

  • The purpose is to use them when committing a crime.
  • You must report it as soon as you are aware to avoid problems and unnecessary inconveniences. Documentation

Identity theft is a suitable way to commit other crimes.

  • You must be cautious when providing personal data to people or unknown entities, by Internet as well as through other technological devices.
  • Be cautious when throwing ATM’s operations receipts, bank receipts, service supplier receipts, credit card receipts. You must destroy them if you are not going to need them anymore.
  • If documentation is stolen or theft, you must inform immediately the police department. You must be aware of your accounts, do not authorize movements other than regulars, especially those related to payments for purchases and bank transfers. Credit cards


They are criminal’s core target. If you follow these measures, we will all benefit from greater safety:

  • Sign the credit card when you first receive it.
  • Try not to lose sight of it when making a payment with it; observe they pass it through the right card reader.
  • Do not keep the secret number next to the card.
  • Sometimes criminals place devices in ATM’s to copy the card information. It is advisable to check if there is something unusual in the ATM and hide the fingers actions in the keyboard.
  • If your credit card is lost or stolen, you must phone the bank or telephone the card company immediately.
  • Control your bank account statements frequently to make sure there are no changes. Other assets

Mobile phones.
For a criminal, there is not a better way of obtaining a valuable item than from a person talking carelessly in a public road or when one is on a terrace of a bar and leaves the mobile phone on the table in a backpack or inside an opened purse. 
One must consider having credit cards and mobiles insured.
Pay attention:

  • Observe your surroundings when talking on your mobile
  • Do not make stealing easy by exposing it in public places
  • Minors with a mobile on their hands, are an easy prey
  • Do not leave your mobile at sight, not even when you are driving

It is necessary to make an inventory of all valuable items, including photos, if possible, and note all data which may help to identify them in case of theft.

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