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Theft of the vehicle.

  • An opened car is an invitation to steal it. You must close it even during quick stops.
  • Use dissuasive security features: sticks, electronic keys, alarms, windows recording…
  • To be informed of new car security systems, such as GPS Search.
  • Do not regularly leave the car documentation inside the vehicle.

Theft of items from the inside of the vehicle.

  • Do not leave items visible, not even bags which could lead them to believe there are valuable items inside.
  • Drive with the door locked and close the windows you cannot control visually, especially when driving in urban areas.
  • When driving, do not leave the purse or wallet in the seats or at sight, because they can be stolen by breaking a window during stops at traffic lights or at pedestrian crossings.
  • You must be cautious with the warnings of people making you get off the car pretending the car is on fire or there is smoke, or has a flat tire … in the same way, if you have a small collision with another car, it may be a trap for stealing or theft.

Theft of car plates.

  • The purpose is to use them when committing a crime.
  • You must report it as soon as you are aware to avoid problems and unnecessary inconveniences.

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