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3.10.2 Assistance for women victims of domestic violence

The eradication of gender violence is a priority for gender equality and non-discrimination policies.

In Spain the Organic Law 1/2004, December 28, on Integrated Protection Measures against Gender Violence, collects and establishes a number of rights to women victims of gender violence, regardless of their origin, religion or any other condition, or personal or social circumstance.

Almost every Autonomous Region has developed an Autonomous Law that takes up and develops the proposed National Law.

The existence of these laws of has resulted in:

  • Numerous plans and programs to fight and prevent domestic violence in coordination with the three administrations: Central, Regional and Local
  • A network of resources on information, prevention and fight against gender violence dependent on various existing Equality Bodies: These resources are intended to provide comprehensive care to women victims of gender violence.


Information and advice

- Social Services
- Helpline and information from the Secretaría de Estado de igualdad (Department of State for Equality):

  • 016
  • 900 116 016. Specific for deaf women:

- Communication via text
- Only in Spanish
- Valid for:
Text phone ( DTS )
Mobile phone (requires previous configuration of the application TOBMOVILE)
PDA (requires previous configuration of the application TOBMOVILE)
- Free downloadable TOBMOVIL
- Assistance and information centres:

- National, Regional and Local Police Forces


- In court
- At State Police offices
- At  Regional Police offices
- At Local Police offices

legal advice services

At specialized centres or municipal legal advice centres

reception and accomodation services

- Emergency centres
- Shelter homes
- Protected flats
- Non-residential centres
In many cases these centres may be specific for immigrant women.



Seek support and guidance.  Contact the Police or the Social Services at your municipality
- Immigrants and women's associations may be able to guide you
- Go to a health centre and get an injury report
- Ask for support and legal and social advice
- Report it and request a Protective Order for you and, if necessary, for your children


- Comprehensive assistance: health, legal, social, housing
- To request legal advice and interpreters for free, if you have no income
- To apply for regularization for humanitarian reasons, once the aggressor has been reported and a Protective Order has been requested
- To request a separate temporary residence permit (if you were regrouped by your spouse) after reporting it and obtaining a Protective Order, a report from the Ministerio Fiscal or a conviction.
- To request to change from a EU family residence card to a residence for foreigners. It is only granted if the aggressor is convicted.
- Social and economic support: social assistance, economic benefits, employment rights and Social Security benefits.


- A Protective Order allows foreign women to seek and obtain an independent residence permit if they had one for family reunification linked to the aggressor.

- In the case of foreign women illegally in Spain, the Protective Order allows them to request a temporary residence permit on humanitarian grounds.

- It is advisable to request the Protective Order at the same time that the complaint is filed, but it can also be requested later.

- You have the right to request the service of a sign language interpreter. You may get information about this at your nearest association or federation for the deaf.

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