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2.3.1 Services it offers

The federations and associations that make up the CNSE generally offer the following services and resources:

  • Social assistance (individual and family)
  • Sign language interpreters
  • Employment and training
  • Guidance and educational advice
  • Spanish or Catalan sign language courses both for deaf and hearing people, as well as entities who want to learn sign language.
  • Campaigns to raise public awareness about the deaf community and sign language.
  • Advice to institutions and professionals who seek it (accessibility, guidelines on how to communicate with a deaf person, characteristics of the deaf community, etc.)

 The staff of the federations and associations is made up of professionals, both deaf and hearing, who are truly bilingual and ensure total accessibility.

If you need any of the services mentioned above you should go to your local federation or association, where you will be informed about the services provided and the requirements to access them.

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