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2.4 Disability Certificate

2.4.3 What rights does it grant?

The recognition of the type and degree of disability may entitle the holder to the following social services:

  • Disability pension
  • Family allowance for a dependent child
  • Guidance with admission to centres
  • Treatments
  • Fiscal benefits: 
  • Impuesto sobre la renta de las personas físicas (IRPF)- Income tax
  • Impuesto sobre sociedades (IS)- Company tax  
  • Impuesto sobre sucesiones y donaciones- Donations and inheritance tax 
  • Impuesto sobre el valor añadido (IVA)- Value added tax
  • Impuesto especial sobre determinados medios de trasporte (IEDMT)- Especial means of transport tax
  • Impuesto sobre vehículos de tracción mecánica (IVTM)- Motor vehicles tax
  • Disabled parking card
  • Bonotaxi- Voucher for taxis
  • Right to apply to certain social benefits
  • Reduction on the price of public transport 
  • Other allowances or services available to people with disabilities provided by social services at the autonomous, municipal or state level.

2.4.5 When, how and where can you apply for it?

You can apply all throughout the year.

The process for obtaining the Disability Certificate can be started by the person themselves or their legal representative/guardian.

The application form should be submitted to the Centro Base de la Consejería de Servicios Sociales (Main Centre of the Social Services Department) corresponding to the person’s address.

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