Global : 1 Minors and Internet

We have always found more dangers for minors in the outside, now we know there are important risks when seating in front of the computer or other communication devices of technological characteristics:

  • They can access websites of sexual, racist or violent content.
  • They can facilitate data or files suitable of being used maliciously by other people.
  • They can date with people who conceal their true identity behind the anonymity chat programs provide them.
  • They can be harassed, threatened or cheated.

That is why mothers and fathers should follow the following tips:

  • Accompany their daughters and sons to enjoy the possibilities Internet provides them, with the idea that the more they know about these technologies, the better they will handle with them.
  • Explain to them that in chats there are probably malicious people behind a fake identity.
  • Help them understand they have to tell their parents about any sexual proposition, threat, attempted extortion or coercion.
  • Tell them they need their parent’s approval for any purchase or sale in Internet.
  • Make them aware they should not provide information to anyone related to phone numbers, addresses, names or surnames, personal or familiar data, neither trough Internet or by phone.

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