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3.4.1 Job Search Resources

The development of employment policies corresponds to the Central State, through the Servicio Público de Empleo Estatal(SEPE) (Public State Employment Service), and to the Autonomous Regions, through the Servicios Públicos de Empleo (Public Employment Services). Together they form the Sistema Nacional de Empleo (National Employment System).
The municipalities also develop job search help and guidance programs.

    • The Servicio Público de Empleo Estatal (SEPE)

    It is in charge of regulating, developing and monitoring employment programs and measures at state level.

    Some of its functions are:

    • Processing unemployment benefits
    • Informing and guiding about everything related to employment and unemployment through their website
    • Developing reports about the labour market in Spain
    • Processing professional certificates
    • Training
    • Special employment centres for people with disabilities
    • Autonomous Regions

    They offer these services:

      • Regional employment services or institutes:
    • Inform and guide about employment
    • Are in charge of developing active employment policies
      • Regional employment offices:
    • Inform, guide and support job seekers in their job search
    • Manage job offers and monitor people who are receiving unemployment benefits

    The requirements for signing up to these services are:

    • Becoming a job seeker after losing another job or looking for a first job. In this case enrolment is voluntary.
    • Receiving unemployment benefits. In this case enrolment is compulsory.
    •  If you are a foreigner, holding a valid work permit.

    Through these offices you may receive:

    • Information about job offers
    • Support with your job search: guidance, tutorials, etc.
    • Professional and job seeking skills training

    Other resources: centres specialized in training, professional guidance, etc; placement agencies; especial employment centres; employment workshops, etc.

    • Town Halls

    Through the Social Services or a Department specialized in employment, the municipalities run specific job search programs and services. They offer:

    • Professional information and guidance
    • Support with the job search process
    • Support to create small businesses or companies, etc.
    • The Associations

    Many associations, both for immigrants and for the deaf, offer various services regarding professional guidance and job searching.

    1. Associations for immigrants:

    • Professional information and guidance
    • Training towards employment
    • Professional integration projects for immigrants
    • Job pool
    • Information and guidance about self-employment

    2. The CNSE, Federations and Associations for the deaf:

    La Red de Empleo de la CNSE (CNSE’s Employment Network) is created to improve the employment opportunities for deaf people. The integration of deaf people into the labour market entails their active economic participation in the community and it is a vital objective in terms of social politics.

    The Employment Network is made up of :

    • Employment Services (in territories with competences in matters of training and employment) whose objective is to offer barrier free employment services which allow equal access for deaf people to employment through professional guidance, work oriented training, managing of an employment pool, contacts, awareness, etc.

     The Servicios Centrales de Empleo de la CNSE (CNSE’s Central Employment Services) coordinate the network and all the guidance regarding training and employment. The necessary tools and practice recommendations are provided through the central services to ensure that every Servicio de Empleo Autonómico (Regional Employment Service) covers all the areas demanded by their users.

    As defenders of workers’ rights, they offer various services:

    • Information about workers’ rights and duties
    • Legal guidance for working immigrants
    • Support centres for immigrants
    • Training and job search


    - You can get information at the SEPE:
    - In the section Información sobre recursos por Comunidades Autónomas you will find information about resources and how to access them
    - You can contact Atención al Ciudadano or the social services at your town hall about what resources are available at your municipality.
    - Many social institutions, associations and unions offer employment programs. You can find more information about them in the Directory of this guidebook. 
    - You have the right to request the service of a sign language interpreter. You may get information about this at your nearest association or federation for the deaf.

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