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3.3.3 Exchanging your Driver’s License

As a foreigner, you need a valid and legal driver’s license to drive in Spain.


If you are a citizen of the EU, Norway, Iceland or Liechtenstein

- Your country’s driver’s license (European format)

- A Spanish one if you do not hold one from your country

If you are a citizen of any other country and you are in Spain as a tourist

- An international driver’s license in addition to the one from your country

If you are a citizen of any other country and you live in Spain

- For the first six months after obtaining residency, an international driver’s license in addition to the one from your country

- After six months, a Spanish driver’s license

If you are a citizen of a non EU country which has an exchange agreement with Spain, you need

- Submit your application to the DGT, enclosing the following documents:
1. Official application form provided by the Jefaturas de Tráfico (Provincial Traffic Offices) and the DGT website (
2. Proof of identity and residence:
    a. National Identity Card or Passport: original and valid.
    b. Residence permit, identity card or passport of their country, along with the Certificate of Registration in the Registro Central de Extranjeros (Central Register for EU citizens): original and valid.
    c. Residence Permit for non-EU citizens: original and valid. Valid residence card. 
3. Report of medical fitness issued by a recognized centre for drivers authorized by the Jefatura Provincial de Tráfico where the request is being made.
4. Driving: valid original and photocopy.
5. Recent photograph: an original 32 x 26 mm.
6. Photo frame, which is provided by the Traffic Department, completed and signed within the appropriate box.
7. Written statement declaring that you have not been banned by law from driving motor vehicles and motorcycles, or have been subject to intervention or suspension of the one you hold.
8. Written statement declaring you do not hold any other permit or driver's license, whether issued in Spain or in another EU country, in the same class as requested.

The countries with which Spain has signed agreements for the exchange of permits are: Andorra, Algeria, Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, South Korea, Croatia, Ecuador, Japan, Morocco, Peru, Dominican Republic, Paraguay, Switzerland, Uruguay , Venezuela, Brazil, El Salvador, the Philippines, Guatemala, Serbia, Turkey, Tunisia and Ukraine.

Ask at your Jefatura Provincial de Tráfico located in the municipality where you live if you can exchange your driver’s license. You will find a directory on the Dirección General de Tráfico (Department of Motor Vehicles) website:

You can check these websites for more information on judicial procedures:



Ministerio de Trabajo e Inmigración

(Department of Immigration and Employment)             


Ministerio del Interior

(Department of the Interior)

Autonomous Regions

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