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2.2.3 Accessibility: the Withdrawal of Communication Barriers

  • Communication Barriers

By that we refer to all the obstacles and impediments that make it more difficult or limit the communication of those people whose capacity to communicate orally and through hearing are limited, either temporarily or permanently.

Examples: lack of subtitles on television, lack of sign language interpreters in the different areas of public and private life, etc. 

  • Accessibility

This refers to the discipline that guarantees that the means are available for everyone, whether or not they have any kind of disability. 
Human and material resources that allow accessibility to deaf people:


 Sign Language Interpreters

Professionals who interpret and translate information from sign language to oral and written language and vice versa, to ensure successful communication between deaf people who use sign language and their surroundings.

Video Interpretation Service (SVIsual)

Sign language video interpretation allows both deaf and hearing people to communicate through the figure of the video interpreter. It allows long distance and real time communication both for deaf and hearing people, however they choose. Working hours are from 8am to 8pm Monday to Friday (7am to 7pm in the Canary Islands) and 11am to 7pm Saturdays, Sundays and holidays (10am to 6pm in the Canary Islands).

Centre of Telephone Mediation for Deaf People

  • The deaf person dials the number for the Centre of Telephone Mediation on a visual terminal.
  • The operator receives the call at their work place, and immediately establishes communication with the requested number.
  • Through the service, communication is established between the deaf and the hearing person.
  • 24 hour service, nationally and internationally.


Mediation Centre contact numbers:

  • Hearing: 901 55 88 55
  • Fax: 901 51 50 11
  • SMS: 610 44 49 91
  • DTS: 901 51 10 10
  • DTS Emergencies: 900 211 112
  • Amper: 901 56 88 66

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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