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3.11.2 Safety at home Ways of access

The doors, windows and accesses from the garage or to the garden are, obviously, the most vulnerable points to access a home unlawfully. Some safety rules are:

  • Install a reinforced security door with lock points to different parts of the door frame, which may also be reinforced.
  • The lock must be modern and strong.
  • At the time of leaving home, close the lock completely.
  • Windows must be accessible from the outside without excessively difficulty and should be protected with grilles.
  • The access door of the garage must be as safe as the main door.
  • It is advisable to have an alarm system in any property.
  • If you have bought a new property or have lost or had your house keys stolen, you must change the cylinder locks. Unexpected visits and marauders

Sometimes, criminals prefer to get into a house when its occupants are in, to achieve what they want threatening home owners.

  • To be cautious when entering or leaving home or the doorway, when taking the elevator and when parking the car in the garage.
  • Do not open the door to strangers and to look always through the peephole before opening the door when anyone knocks.
  • Do not activate the intercom when we do not know who is ringing, because we jeopardize security of all neighbors. The installation of a video intercom will improve a building’s security.
  • To always request service providers for identification (telephone, electricity, gas, water…). Reconfirm visits phoning the corresponding company. Risks at home

We must remind you how dangerous gas supply at home can be, since accidents take place frequently due to gas tanks as well as gas ducts. To avoid these accidents:

  • Revise your installations with the frequency recommended by suppliers.
  • If you smell gas, do not activate any electronic device, do not turn on the light or use the telephone. Obviously, when there is a gas leakage, you must ventilate, close the valve and turn the main switch off.
  • Phone your supplier emergency service.

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