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3.11.4 In public transport.

Ports, airports,train and bus stations.

  • Do not check unknown people’s luggage under your name
  • Do not lose sight of your luggage and belongings in any moment
  • If you have to wait for a long time, you can always use the lockers available at stations to keep your luggage
  • Try to take the minimum number of suitcases as possible for its easier control
  • Do not entrust the control of your luggage to people unduly authorized
  • Do not take with you items which might be considered dangerous. You must collect as much information as possible before traveling
  • Inform yourself about the necessary documents before leaving to your destination

Local buses, Subway and Commuters Trains.

  • In case of agglomeration, be cautious with the items inside your pockets
  • Place the purse, backpack or similar where you can control it and always closed
  • Be aware when getting in and out of the train in stations with very little traffic flow or isolated areas

You must be especially cautious:

    • When you are waiting in a line to check or while we are checking
    • When we are in a public establishment (coffee shop, press store…)
    • During stops along the way of the trip

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