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3.11 Basic Advices from the National Police Department

Any of these channels must be used to get in contact with the State Police.

  • By Phone: 091
  • Through the ALERTCOPS app for Smartphones.
  • Through Internet: using the mails shown in this web.
  • Through associations of citizens which hold meetings periodically with the National Police Board’s Delegate for Citizen Participation.
  • Through the Police Station of your town or district.

Safety is everyone’s heritage and it demands responsibility from all citizens. Reason why if you are a witness or are aware of the following situations:

  • A traffic accident involving a pedestrian.
  • Damages in vehicles or other properties.
  • Robbery or stealing.
  • Aggressions or cruelty against people and animals.
  • Attacks against urban properties or other public goods.
  • Possession and trafficking of substances and prohibited items (drugs, weapons, explosives…).

If you suspect, are aware or have evidence of activities which could be related to terrorism or crime, you must:

  • Write down or memorize as much information as possible.

Inform the Police Department.

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