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3.10.1 Services for Women

Your municipality, your Autonomous Region and the Central State all offer specific programs for women, whose aim is to achieve equality between men and women and support women’s social development. These programs offer:

  • Access to employment
  • Specific integration programs for immigrant women and women with disabilities
  • Support for women entrepreneurs
  • Support for women with unshared family responsibilities
  • Information and guidance services for immigrant women
  • Legal advice services
  • Services to promote equality and non discrimination for women
  • Psychological assistance services
  •  Services encouraging participation
  • Assistance and monitoring of women victims of domestic violence

The Instituto de la Mujer (Women’s Institute) is the Central State’s agency responsible for developing equality policies in the Autonomous Regions, Women's Institutes and the Departments of Women through a support and information network that offers advice  to women in several areas.

There is an associative movement that has also launched specific assistance services to women and their specific needs in areas such as:

  • Access to employment
  • Separations and divorces
  • Business creation
  • Gender violence
  • Legal issues


- In all the Autonomous Regions and municipalities there are Councils, Women's Institutes and Departments that develop specific policies for assisting women.
- The Directory provides information on Central Government and Autonomous Regions’ services and how to access them.
- You can get information at the social services or women’s services in your municipality.
- There are many women's associations that can support, guide or advice you on various issues.
- You have the right to request the service of a sign language interpreter. You may get information about that at your nearest association or federation for the deaf.

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