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3.8.4 How can I get my diplomas approved and my studies validated?

Both the approval (of diplomas) and validation (of studies) may be requested by people who:

• have completed studies and obtained an official, or officially recognized, diploma by a foreign education system
• have studied in schools authorized to teach in Spain according to the education systems of other countries.

Students from a foreign education system who wish to join any of the 6 courses of Primary Education or up to the 4th year of Compulsory Secondary Education do not need to validate their studies.


Approval of University Degree

Ministerio de Educación
Subdirección General de Títulos y Reconocimiento de Cualificaciones
Paseo del Prado, Nº 28
28014 Madrid

Approval of Graduate Studies: Master’s and Doctorates


Approval of Secondary Education Diplomas (Bachillerato, Vocational Training and others)

1. Ministerio de Educación
División de Fundaciones y Atención al Ciudadano (Sección de Información Educativa)
C/ Alcalá, 36 28071-Madrid
Tel.:913277681 902218500
Fax: 91 701 86 48 y 91 701 86 00
2. Áreas de Alta Inspección de Educación de las Delegaciones del Gobierno en las Comunidades Autónomas y Direcciones Provinciales del Ministerio de Educación en Ceuta y Melilla

Approval of studies and specific subjects in University Degrees


Requirements to approve or validate your diplomas and studies:

  • The studies and diplomas must be officially recognized by the education system of the country where they were completed. 
  • The degree must correspond to studies that conform to the education system of the country that issued it.
  • That there is sufficient equivalence between the studies and the reference Spanish degree, both at the academic level and at the duration and content.
  • That the studies leading to the Spanish degree of reference are fully implemented in the Spanish education system. 
  • That the course or courses subject to validation were completely finished in the education system of the country were the studies were done (validation by individual subjects is not applicable).  In addition, having passed every course prior to the one subject to validation is required.
  • That the person has not previously obtained the same degree or studies whose validation is now being requested in the Spanish education system.

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