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3.7 Housing Sphere

The right to a decent home is recognized in the Spanish Constitution. The Law 4/2000 from January 11 on the rights and freedom of foreigners in Spain also establishes that:  

Los extranjeros residentes tienen derecho a acceder a los sistemas públicos de ayudas en materia de vivienda en los términos que establezcan las Leyes y las Administraciones competentes. En todo caso, los extranjeros residentes de larga duración tienen derecho a dichas ayudas en las mismas condicionesque los españoles” 
(Legal resident aliens have the right to access the public system of housing assistance as established by the Law and the competent Administrations. In any case, long term residents have the right to housing assistance under the same conditions as Spaniards do)

You can access a rented house or purchase one. You should always keep in mind that: 

• It is advisable to read carefully all the conditions of the contract, and not sign anything if you have any questions or doubts. In this case, you can contact the municipal advice services or local consumer associations.

• Legal resident aliens are entitled to access the public system of housing assistance under the same conditions as the Spanish people.

• In Spain, housing policies are developed by the Autonomous Regions and municipalities which have different programs and services aimed at providing access to first home:
- Promotion of social housing (sale and rental)
- Promotion of social integration housing (rental)
- Financial assistance for the purchase or rental of a home
- Purchase or rental of public promotion housing
- Housing pools for specific groups: women, youth, immigrants, etc.

Get information about the different programs at your Autonomous Region or the social services at your municipality, which will inform you of the requirements and conditions for accessing these programs.


- Access to decent housing is a right.
- If you want to reunite your family, one of the requirements will be to have a functional home for the reunited family.
- You can get information at your Autonomous Region or Town Hall.
- The associations also inform and advice about housing and sometimes have specific support programs to access housing. 
- You have the right to request the service of a sign language interpreter. You may get information about this at your nearest association or federation for the deaf.

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