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3.6.3 How to get your Healthcare Card

In order to obtain your healthcare card, you need to be registered and join the Social Security system, even if you are in Spain in an irregular administrative situation.

These are the steps to obtain your healthcare card:

  • Go to your nearest Tesorería General de la Seguridad Social (Social Security Treasury) to join the Social Security and apply for a Social Security number:

You must fill out the form and submit:

- an official ID
- your registration certificate (it must be original and the reason for applying for it must appear on the certificate)

Once you do that, you will be given a Social Security card with your name.

Check the Seguridad Social website to access a directory of all the centres:

  • Go to your nearest health centre and request a family doctor.

You will need to fill out the form and submit:

- copy and original of the Social Security card
- registration certificate (it must be the original and the reason for applying for it must appear on the certificate)
- an official ID (passport, residence card, student card, asylum applicant card, inscription identity card, etc.)

You will be given a stamped document with the name of the doctor that is assigned to you. You can use that document to go to the doctor until your healthcare card is mailed to you.

The Health System in Spain


It is the entrance to the health services. It includes from health promotion and education to illness prevention.


- It can be provided both at the Health Centre and at your home. Get information at your Health Centre. 
- Medical assistance in case of serious illness 
- Try not to crowd the emergency services: before resorting to the emergency services try to think whether your problem might be solved otherwise (primary healthcare, by appointment, etc.)


You will always be referred by your family doctor: gynaecology, cardiology, traumatology, psychology, dentistry, etc.


You will be referred to a hospital by a specialist in case surgery is required.


- You do not need to be a legal resident or have economic means to access healthcare. 
- You need to be registered in order to access non-emergency assistance and obtain a healthcare card. 
- You have the right to request the service of a sign language interpreter. You may get information about this at your nearest association or federation for the deaf.

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